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Calendar of Events
*** Blessed Earthstrong ***
July 23, 2020 (128th Anniversary)
July 23 (16th Hamle), 1892
*** Melkam Addis Amet ***
Happy Ethiopian New Year !!!
September 11, 2020 ~ Happy Ethiopian New Year  (Melkam Addis Amet)
*** Negus Day ***
October 7, 2020 (92st Anniversary)
October 7th 1928 (7 Maskaram) - Divine Kingship of Ras Tafari
This day represents a Holy Day.  This is when Ras Tafari was acclaimed ‘Negus’, King of Ethiopia, fulfilling Isaiah
, “I am  the Lord Ras Tafari your Holy One Creator of Israel, your King.”.  The Church of Haile Selassie I
celebrates with short Prayer  and Service starting at 11am.
*** Transfiguration Day ***
November 2, 2020 (90th Anniversary)
November 2nd 1930 (2 Tikimt) - Transfiguration Day

This represents the Transfiguration Day of  Negus Ras Tafari to Emperor Haile Selassie I, ‘Might of the Trinity’  
Revelation 5v5, “The Lion of the Tribe of Judah has prevailed.”  This day represents the Holy Day when
Rastafari was  acclaimed ‘Negus Negast’ King of kings Emperor of Ethiopia; Fulfilling
Isaiah 43v15;

“I am the Lord Rastafari your Holy One Creator of Israel, your King.”

This day is celebrated quietly with a short Prayer Service (e.g., starting 11am).  Then celebrate with Rasta Music, rice
and  peas, vegetables and  fish, closing with a short Prayer of thanksgiving by the Priest with blessing.

The history of Ethiopia for the past half a century has revolved materially around events in which Haile Selassie First has
been  the prime mover.  In times of stress, in times of joy, his leadership in resolving the hopes, fears and aspirations of the
Ethiopian people has been distinctive, his guidance indispensable and decisive.  His people and the world have acclaimed
him a fighter not  only in defence of the integrity of Ethiopia.  He has been a champion for world peace and a man whose
principles have contributed manfully to the history of his day and age.  His public utterances in this phase of the national
and international drama of peace and war speak by themselves most eloquently.
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