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May 28, 1983
Paper article for the Talkback article above.

Today, in the lifetime of every Rastafarian world-wide,, the liberation of Ethiopia from
immense priority to the Rastafarians in England and U.S.A.

The Imperial House has been observing the reactionary behaviour of some of the local
Rasta leaders in their quest for power, defeating the objectives they started out earlier to
accomplish centralisation.

In 1974 Rastas in London demonstrated against the government of Mingistu of Ethiopia,
showing their loyalty to HIM Emperor Haile Selassie I.  Nine years later some of these
people became friends of the enemy of Ethiopia, to the extent that Rasta is seeking
personnel to work in these countries, and embracing their leaders who did not raise a
finger or a voice in the OAU or UN, when the government of HIM Emperor Haile Selassie I
was being over-thrown by foreign powers, with the help of reactionaries.

Today the Imperial Ethiopian World Federation, Inc. -- re-born from July 1 1983, by the
order of HIH Merd Asfa Wossen HS to become the mechanism in the West from Ethiopia
to bring about the social, economical, politics, development of the Rasta Community
world-wide so as to allow repatriation a reality in our life-time.

The IEWF Inc., has sent out letters to all known groups who have been using the former
name of the new development and order of the Crown Prince, asking for their support
and loyalty to the House.  Yet groups such as RUZ, Charter III, Rasta International, with
RAC and other groups are still using the name EW Fed.  Trading, and using their own
gain, receiving funds which is unconstitutional and illegal.

It is very important that members of these groups realise that these people are not
defending Emperor Haile Selassie I House, and in this time the Rastafarian cannot
deviate from the utterance of Haile Selassie I and his work, because Isaiah (Chap. 43 ver.
12) demonstrates the danger when Rastas deviate.  Isaiah (Chap. 43 ver. 3) guarantees
repatriation, not for leaders and servants of the beast in 'new disguise' as spoken by HIM
Haile Selassie I in his 1963 speech to the OAU, about neo-colonialism.

For Rasta to maintain their identity they must embrace and support the Imperial House,
they must dis-associate themselves from these people who are dividing the Federation,
people who are assimilating the doctrine of the Rasta with that of the multi-culture
programme of Babylon, people who are placed to undermine the fundamentals of rasta
to the level of London reggae, a London branch of Rasta doctrine totally different from
the original from Jamaica light of Light House of Ethiopia in the West.

It is the responsibility of every Rasta to come forward in this time as in 1935 - 41 and
involve in the development of the Federation, so as to assist Ethiopia in the dark hour of
her struggle to restore her glory as the land spoke in Psalms 187 ver. 2) that the black
school-learners in Babylon will have a place in the near future to contribute their
technological skills and knowledge.

Haile Selassie I Lieveth.
Jah Rastfari.
Thank you!