Haile Selassie I
October 6, 1963
That until the philosphy which
holds one race superior and
another inferior is finally and
permanently discredited and

That until there are no longer
first-class and second-class
citizens of any nation;

That until the colour of man's
skin is of no more significance
than the colour of his eyes;

That until the basic human
rights are equally guaranteed
to all without regard to race;

That until that day, the dream
of lasting peace and world
citizenship and the rule of
international morality will
remain but a fleeting illusion,
to be pursued but never

And until the ignoble and
unhappy regimes that hold our
brothers in Angola, in
Mozambique and in South
Africa in sub-human bondage
have been toppled and

Until bigotry and prejudice and
malicious and inhuman
self-interest have been
replaced by understanding and
tolerance and good-will;

Until all Africans stand and
speak as free beings, equal in
the eyes of all men, as they are
in the eyes of Heaven;

Until that day, the African
continent will not know peace.  
We Africans will fight, if
necessary, and we know that
we shall win, as we are
confident in the victory of good
over evil.
Quote for the Month
from H.I.M
...And We sing the song
of Moses the servant of
God, and the song of
the Lamb, saying,
"Great and marvelous
are thy works, Lord
God Almighty; just and
true are thy ways, thou
King of saints.
Who shall not fear
thee, O Lord and glorify
thy name?  for thou
only art holy: for all
nations shall come and
worship before thee; for
thy judgements are
made manifest."
And after that I looked,
and, behold, the temple
of the tabernacle of the
testimony in heaven
was opened:...
And the temple was
filled with smoke from
the glory of God, and
from His power; and no
man was able to enter
into the temple, till the
seven plagues of the
seven angels were

Revelation 15 v3-5&8
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