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Nazarene Vow
Nazarene Vow
The Church of Haile Selassie I, Inc.
The Church of Haile Selassie I, Inc.
Ba Beta Kristiyan Haile Selassie I
Rastalogical Conception Dealing with
The Vow of The Nazarite
Rastafarians who are not Judaic cannot commit themselves totally
to Numbers chapter 6, in regards to the vow of a Nazarite.  The
Nazarite vow taken by the members of the Rastafarian Community
is taken from Numbers 6 v1-5 & 8, consolidated with Leviticus 19

Because there were no temples of worship during the early
emergence of Rastafarianism in Jamaica, members took their vow
without a priest present, but with two individual Rastafarians as
witnesses, validating their vow in the sight of JAH and Man.

The presence of The Church of Haile Selassie I legitimized the vow
of the Nazarite, which is vowed in front of a Rastafarian Priest
during Baptism (Initiation).  The Priest would bless the locks and
the beard of the individual being baptized; then end the initiation
with the anointing of the individual's head.  At the end of the ritual,
the Church proclaims the head of the individual belongeth unto God
Yahweh Elohim Sabboath.  Rastalogy identifies the head of the
individual, who has taken the vow of the Nazarite in the temple, to
Daniel 7 v9 as the personification of the 'Godhead'.

After initiation, the Church expects the baptized member to adhere
to the verse in Deuteronomy 23 v21-23, "When thou shalt vow a
vow unto the LORD thy God, thou shalt not slack to pay it: for the
LORD thy God will surely require it of thee; and it would be sin in
thee.  But if thou shalt forbear to vow, it shall be no sin in thee.  
That which is gone out of thy lips thou shalt keep and perform;
even a freewill offering, according as thou hast vowed unto the
LORD thy God, which thou hast promised with thy mouth" and
Ecclesiastes 5 v4, "When thou vowest a vow unto God, defer not to
pay it; for he hath no pleasure in fools: pay that which thou hast

In the Church, the individual who maintains the vow of the Nazarite
is classified as the 'living', and those who defer to pay their vow is
classified as the 'dead' people of the world.
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